Karol Pomykała – artist, engraver, graphic and art director. He creates his works mainly in linocut technique, combining traditional graphic art with the new technologies. He is also involved in digital art and advertising. He participated in many nationwide and exhibitions such as: 7th Ulsan Woodcut Festival in South Korea, Guanlan International Print Biennial in China, 10th and 11th International Graphic Art Prize Jesus Nunez in Spain and International Print Triennial in Turkey, Austria, Sweden and Cracow. His works were rewarded with more than a dozen prestigious prize and honorary prizes among which the greatest was the Grand Prix in the International Print Triennial in Cracow.

Lublin, Warsaw, the whole World…

He was born in a small town near Lublin, where he began his artistic education in Faculty of Fine Arts at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. He lives in Warsaw now, where he creates his artworks and he works as an art director in Saatchi & Saatchi. Being still attached to his alma mater as a PhD student in printingpress department he spreads his knowledge and experience about new form of graphic. Linocut of Karol Pomykała are displayed in museums and private collections in Poland and overseas.

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Series of mini prints, Pilgrim.

Cycle of mini prints, Pilgrim.

Graphics under the title Pilgrim refer to the realm of sacrum and profanum, It’s a path to reach a destination. The expedition is a challenge for a human, an opportunity to fight with his weaknesses and also to reflect on himself.

The destination, which symbol becomes the source of a light, like a hope in the dark. In graphics marked as elusive, somewhere in the space outside the frame, visible only through shadows of synthetic characters.

Light in this space builds a dark landscape, gaining at the same time nobility and mysticism, gives a new meaning forcing us to contemplate and reflect on our goals.

Light becomes the goal for everyone. It can be the knowledge, good, faith or some truth.